INDICE STUDIO – Spring/Summer 2020 “A Somnambulist”

Through an experience being hunted down and killed in a dream within a dream, Lee was intrigued and started digging into somnambulism, psychiatric disorder and memory, which developed the idea for this season, complemented by a 1920 German silent horror film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. SS20 portrays the obscure border between dreams and reality, utilized the interweave design details to convey bits and pieces of dream, deconstructed method and the details playing between reality and illusion throughout the collection, modernized old imagery along with mysterious allure. Featured interesting hybrid of coat and shirt, shirt and T-shirt, talisman and choker in the range.

By transforming Taiwanese traditional cloud pattern of temples with western techniques, INDICE STUDIO found a new way to interpret eastern symbols.