Collection is passion, vision, and ingenious taste, the most inspiration for future clothes buyers! Is this way called collection?

INDICE STUDIO unveiled the AW20 series campaign, aiming at various collections with a theme of sympathy from our new era
by boldly adding various artistic compositions to this series, re-interpreting research, classification, display, preservation of various artworks
and exhibits. In the first exposure of the AW20 concept series, the conceptual art method was used to carry every single INDICE ready-to-wear
to the outside of the famous couture shops for shooting. In addition to paying respect to the couture, there is more of an ironic atmosphere,
amusing but provocative.

What should we choose to put in our ward robe collection from the ocean of the clothes?
Maybe justas you and I once had our own collection, whether it is the collection in the window or the collection of our wardrobe,
let’s follow the infinite taste of INDICE STUDIO.

BTW, we are not responsible for the disappearance of the ear flap!