INDICE STUDIO – Autumn/Winter 2019 “Abracadabra”

During one capsule collection shoot, which we shot in a simple and cheap studio in an old building, camera equipment malfunctioned and the shoot was off-schedule unexpectedly. Furthermore, the team encountered things beyond logic while choosing photos. We comprehend that it is the “supernatural phenomenon” and by looking at the photos we have, that now we know how different dimensional worlds exist together.

The 21st century, is an era of rapid technological progress and optimism. People think that technology is a way to save our human race, yet destruction rising from technological development has been long-neglected. Our curiosity to pursue purity in life has slowly been killed by laziness due to our convenient lifestyle.

Inspired by‘Stranger Things’a Netflix series, which tells a supernatural story with a similar techno-optimism and unstable circumstances as background. Indice studio wants to raise awareness of the underlying risks connected to technological progress. In addition, interpreting the concept from a child’s perspective and hoping that it will bring people’s curiosity back to life again.

On the design front, the designer takes the elements and concept from “Stranger things” and transforms them into clothing details, with the deconstructed approach of garments which this brand is known for. Deconstruction and unconventional details refer to multi-dimensional chaos. Semi-transparent and functional fabric symbolises futurism and mystery. The flashlight and colour appearing many times in the story are turned into decorative details in the items. At last, the collection is embellished with a talisman from eastern temples to symbolise protection.

The team recreate the supernatural phenomenon experience as the theme of the lookbook, presenting the feeling switched from being stunned, sceptical to confirmed, then finally understand and accept what happens in surroundings. It is a dual between curiosity and fear, yet at the end the truth will explain it all itself.