If white clouds are the collection of the blue sky, a cluster of stars must be collected by the night sky.
In this case, what would be the collection between you and me?
During one of the journeys in Europe, the authentic work of Vincent van Gogh came into my view, among them was the brilliance of the vast starry night sky,
the colorfulness of the sunflowers and irises, where brush strokes are choppy, however repressing emotional bursts.
Due to the fact that the collection of a gallery system represents various meanings such as research, classification, display, and preservation,
I pondered over the relevance of our daily life with it and it came across my mind that everyone has their own collection.
There could be a good sentence from a book, the lyrics of a song, or a perceptual thinking over a pencil stoke in a drawing.
Therefore, displaying these beautiful pieces altogether became the concept of INDICE STUDIO AW20 collection.
The approach of unexpected methods to reverse the design corresponds to each collector's perspective.
We clamour against the times via a vicious point of view, and use contemporary elements to reorganize the image of those collecting items.
As in van Gogh’s Cypresses, the breeze, making the bushes spin and dance and float away in the air, we want you to experience every piece of clothing from this season that is full of shared collective feelings, to have more memories while you contemplate each of them, making them into your collection, and in the end, to walk with us, for the journey is long.