INDICE STUDIO – Spring/Summer 2021 “220Km/h”

Graphic-heavy imagery and deconstructed garments define the chaotic and street-ready Indice Studio with their Spring Summer 2021 collection. By manipulating existing archetypes with research in construction, hybridized elements, we see manipulated athletic and classic connotations with a comical spirituality.
The Spring Summer 2021 collection, 220k/m, celebrates both speed and staying competitive in this fast-paced society by way of one-of-a-kind character, Lennox, a rabbit with speed so fast it blurs out his face. Rabbits, often known for its harmless characteristic, is also one of the fastest animals known to all living beings, gives Lennox a conflicting yet exciting personality. As aerodynamic shapes, saturated colors, and race car-inspired prints and leitmotifs echo throughout the entire collection; this is a story served as a reminder to not ignore the inner child in every one of us, even under the most rigorous of conditions.
Welcome to this expeditious journey — at 220Km/h.


“運動中的競速,是在有限的路程內看你用了多少時間,而創作中的競速,是在有限的時間內看你跑了多少路程。” 在N次方的卡通世界裡,一隻兔子駕駛著輛法拉利跑車在路上疾駛而過,沖刷著我的視覺想像,影像在劇烈加速下快速閃現,隨及慢慢消逝,回到現實之中,人生的單行道上,多人高速著推進著,超越、落後、停滯,不斷的上演,但似乎我們所處的生活已成為速度上的競爭? 兔子為草食動物中以速度著稱的無冕之王,溫柔但快速,以兔子做為喚起童真的主體,希望人們在這場競速之爭中仍然不忘赤子之心,並以詼諧的視角拾起無畏的心,大步的向前邁進。